Friday, November 21, 2008

Error And Port Library

I'm so thankful its weekend again, the end of work, time to rest and go shopping together with my friend Elma. I'm so excited because we plan to go to Future Shop tomorrow to buy a new laptop for his son Peter as her birthday gift to him. Wow! What a lucky son, at the age of twelve he can use his own computer.

Well, today's generation most every individual learn and experience computer especially the students, professionals, businessmen and many others. Millions of people from all over the world learn how to use computers at young age.

Like me, I started to learn basic computer when I was in first year school. It was one of our subjects and all of us required to pass computer subject. During my college days, I also worked as a cashier in my aunt's drugstore and we used computer. Until I graduated and worked as a public school teacher, I used computer to compute my pupils grades and for school reports.

Recently, my sister told me about error code 1728. It’s about PC error messages and port numbers that we encountered sometimes while using computer. The errors could be from several different pc problems. You can prevent and solve the errors by following the recommended scans at If you are interested, feel free to check the website to learn what is port and to know what particular port is used. You can also learn whether the port is safe or not.

If you have time and you want to know more about this site, just log on anytime you like.

sweetie norm