Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Can't Sleep

It's already eleven in the evening but I can't sleep. I tried my best to close my eyes and sleep but I can't. I need to wake up early tomorrow because I have to work before six in the morning. Ohh! How sad I am sorry for me because I can't sleep. I wonder why I can't sleep. Maybe because I drink too much coffee this afternoon or maybe I am bothered with something else? Well, I tried to sleep. I hope I still have energy to work tomorrow.

sweetie norm

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Old Magic Sing

This is the continuation of Filipino photos in litratong pinoy with the theme OLD picture. Last Wednesday, I talked about my old cell phone that I bought from my beautiful country Philippines. This time I love to share my beloved microphone. Before I traveled Manila to Canada, I bought this old xtreme magic sing at SM Davao City and brought here in Canada. This is one of my favorite things, a remembrance and souvenir back home.

sweetie norm

Friday, October 5, 2012

White Rose

What does a white rose represent? White is a color symbolic of many positive things, such as marriage, purity, virtue, and innocence. White is linked to emotions of harmony and serenity. The breathtaking purity and simplistic beauty of a white rose can’t be beat. White roses signify deep, clear emotions. They are given without reservation or ambivalence. The red rose signifies lust or passion, but the white rose goes much deeper to suggest an infinite love that goes to the very core of one’s being. It carries an almost spiritual significance. White roses symbolize devotion, kindness, and deep friendship in love.

sweetie norm