Monday, April 12, 2010

My Best Picture In Niagara Falls

This is one of my favorite pictures in Niagara Falls taken last July 12, 2009. I have lots of pictures before but I like this picture most. For me, my friend captured this picture nicely. If I'm not mistaken it's Glory Fe who captured this one. It was taken in the morning so the place is quiet and no hassle. There are only few people who roamed around the place and we can capture the Niagara Falls nicely.

sweetie norm

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Since I'm free today, I decided to watch a Filipino movie in the internet entitled "Forevermore" a lovestory. Jericho Rosales is the lead actor and the actress is Kristine Hermosa. The story is about the mango orchard. Only true love could increase the yield of the the mango orchard and bring back the sweetness of its fruits, that's the legend all about at the Cordero estate. Marian played by Kristine has always held that story close to her heart. Ironically, Jericho as Anton, the patriarch's grandson and heir apparent, is an naysayer to his myth and prefers the fast paced city life. But when Anton revisits his roots, he learns to love the land, its people and most of all Marian. The problem is he has a 250 million peso dream project as well as his girlfriend Trisha played by Michelle, waiting for him back in Manila. But he decide and choice the right girl and the place he love.

sweetie norm

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sweetie norm