Wednesday, November 12, 2008

File Extension Library

Today’s generation computers exist and many have learned how to use computers. But sad to note that people today especially the youth are just thinking that the uses of computers are only for chatting and playing online games. They don’t give much value and didn't extend much effort to learn more about computer software which is worth to learn. We all know that it is very useful for job applications, businesses or even in science and industry especially the lotus 123. It covers all numbering data, all you need to know about numbers how to do it, how to solve to graphs and everything you want to about numbers can be done in lotus 123 software.

During our college days my bestfriend was working as computer laboratory assistant in our place. She uses lotus software and found out that lotus 123 files is much help in various numbers applications. After graduation she was applied as a bank teller downtown. Her experience in lotus has helped a lot to earn confident and excellent remarks during interview and actual application in the bank financial statement. As of now that she is in teaching field, Lotus 123 is a big help in computing pupils grades. A software that enables the user to solved complicated problems involving numbers. It specializes in data involving numbers such as financial statements for the business establishment and banks. It could also help the user to make graphs for different data.

sweetie norm