Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Mother

My mother love to watch Filipino movies during night time going to sleep. Tonight I saw the movie she played. It’s about a veterinarian girl who left her boyfriend of 15 years after she discovered he has been deceiving her. Dra. Baby Holmes played by Ai Ai delas Alas realizing that her biological clock is ticking fast and desperately searches for the perfect guy who will marry her. Roberto Boy Reyes played by Robin Padilla is a single fireman with a son born out of wedlock. Generous to a fault, Boy is considered a small town hero ever since he saved a child from drowning. Now, every time someone needs help, the entire neighborhood runs to him. By chance, Baby saves Boy’s life and to show his gratitude, he offers her anything in return. She then asks Boy to give her a child. Boy thinks she’s just joking but Baby is dead serious. However, Boy discovers that he is beginning to love Baby and her many quirks. Unable to bear the guilt, Baby suddenly leaves him. To end the story love lead them back and they find the real love with each other.

sweetie norm