Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome To My New World

For me, our happiness in life depends on the choices we make. It also depends on our attitude towards others that reaches out to give, not to receive , to serve, not to be served, to care, not to be cared for. Happiness can be manifested in many different ways, on me, it is reflected on my face. When I smile it is indeed my real smile. To be happy is every human's ultimate goal in life ,to laugh out loud when it is time to laugh and to wear a smile, relax and taking everything easy when you are in the most challenging situation of your life.Remember the old adage, if you want to stay young keep on smiling and be happy.

sweetie norm


priscocam said...

Gwafah,wa jud ko nimo gi-add diri na tika sa imohang 3 sites.please add me here,ha kay added ko na baya ni sa akoa.more power,sis!continue smiling!ganahan ko sa imohang pic diri uy,cute kaayo!

Mabelle said...

unsa mana sis buhina? hadlok pud ana ug buhi na oi,hehehe!

agi lang ko diria.