Friday, March 26, 2010

My Son's Graduation Day

Graduation is one of the most important and awaited events to everyone’s life. After of so many trials, sacrifices, efforts and struggle in schools, you can reach the triumph to success. It's the best exciting and greatest achievement not only for the graduates but also for the parents.

Well, I’m so glad that my one and only son Jay, received his diploma as he completed his elementary education at AGAPE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, one of the best popular private schools in our place. I'm so happy that he graduated already and achieved the first rung in the ladder of success. After six long years of coming back to school he survived and got his goal to finish elementary education. He knew that this is not the end of his journey in life.

And for now, he is determining to continue studying in secondary education. He enrolled at Assumption Academy of Monkayo. As of now he is a third year high school. As a mother I'm very proud of him being a courageous and obedient son. Just continue to grow study hard and follow your dreams, take care and congratulation my little boy. I promised you I’m always here to support you whatever you want in life as well as you follow the right path of your dreams. I will be here for you and guide you all the time. Don’t be ashamed to tell your needs want. I am your mother and your friend ready to push you to success. Be prayerful and God fearing.

In this memorable gathering, we can see the happy moments and most contented faces of the graduates while rendering their memorable graduation song "Here We Are". To all the graduates especially to my son just follow your dreams continue to grow and strive for more to success. Keep up a good work and once again congratulations.

sweetie norm

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is my entry for this week, my old gold jewelry. When I was in the Philippines, I love collecting and wearing jewelry and I just brought a few of them. I left and gave the others to my sisters. As of now, here in Canada I don't wear them just sometimes during parties. I just put it in my drawer and use if needed. Thanks for leaving a message and have a nice day to all.

sweetie norm

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Hungry

Good evening everyone. Time really run so fast I can't believe it's almost eight in the evening. I did not eat yet and I'm so hungry. I need to eat my dinner now because I have work at ten. I need to sign off now and go eat. I just want to say good night and God bless you all.

sweetie norm