Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Machine Contest

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When it comes to coffee, Nescafe is the best. It is the most popular brand around the world. It is affordable that’s why most of us can afford to buy. Whether you are at home, at work or everywhere in this world, Nescafe can make you active and relax. As of now they have the best NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, a stylish, multi-coffee capsule system that redefines the way Canadians make. It taste good, you can drink and think about coffee. It’s unique and perfect for entertaining friends and family. Since Christmas is quick approaching, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto is the best gift to your friends and relatives this holiday season.

Well, speaking of Nescafe, I have good news to all of you. They have a fabulous contest and all of you are welcome to join. It’s your great opportunity to win NESCAFE Dolce Gusto machine. There are 6 NESCAFE Dolce Gusto machines and congratulations to the lucky winners. All you need to do is to join the contest online at Don’t waste your time because the contest starts from November 2, 2009 up to December 20, 2009.

So, if you are a NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto lover and you want to join the contest, check out the website and participate now.
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Check Out For iLASIK Video Contest

Hi! Good news to everyone. Do you know that there’s a big opportunity for you to win a contest? Well, if you are smart and talented you can easily join the iLASIK Video Contest entitled “You Gotta See This.” It’s a video contest and all of you are welcome to join the contest. All you have to do is to submit a video in one of the following categories:
a. "My contacts are getting in the way of my good time"
b. "My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision"
c. "You should see life after the iLASIK Procedure"

A great video showing how you improve your vision while doing your daily activities. To make sure that your friends can help, send a link to them so they can vote on it. You will be the winner if you get more votes. As of now they are still open and waiting for your entry. So, what are you waiting for? Imagine you have the great chance to win the following fabulous prizes:
Grand Prize $5,000,
First Prize (one in each video category):
HDTV package — a $2,500 value
Second Prize (one in each video category):
The Flip UltraHD™ camcorder — a $199.99 value

Again, if you are interested, check out and submit your entry as soon as possible.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

British Airways

Hi! Good afternoon to all my friends. How are you there? How’s the weather in your place right now? About me here, I’m fine and happy. It’s a little bit cold and soon winter is quick approaching. But even though the weather is cold we need to go outside and be active no matter what the weather is. Since it is fall I enjoyed the different colors of the tress. I already wear thick clothes and coats outside.

Speaking of winter, it's the best time for us to travel to the warm places. Yes! I love to travel to the most beautiful places to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the place. As of now I'm glad that the British Airways is offering a world sale with complete packages. Everything is complete from airplane, car rental, hotel packages plus perfect accommodation.

What I like most is the round trip ticket from Toronto to London. Imagine you will only pay from $386 for round trip. For economy flight plus 7 nights car rental or Royal National 3 nights, CB you will pay only $599 for round trip ticket. Wow! I love it! It's guaranteed safe, affordable and easy to book online.

How about you guys? If you want to travel to the most beautiful places like London, Cairo, Delhi, Dubai, Entebbe, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Madrid, Maldives, Mauritius, Milan, Mumbai, Nairobi, Paris, Rome and Tel Aviv, don’t hesitate to check out the website Click Here and select the best packages that suit your taste.

What are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time the world sale offer will end this coming November 19, 2009. Please be hurry!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Links Around The World

I got this links around the world tag from a very charming friend Joey . Thank you so much friend for sharing me this interesting tag. And I would like to pass this to all my friends online. Just feel free to grab this one and thank you for the visit and comments.

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These are the Links Around the World Tag:

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3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I’ll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that’s been added to the list. ^_^

Links around the world tag

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World Class Profession

Tagged from Toni. Thanks sis actually I'm done with this tag already but I'm still I love to post it here. And to all my friends fell free to grab this one.

1. Copy and paste everything to a new post and Add your name next to your profession (or profession-to-be for undergrads) in the list. Make sure your name is linked to your blog/webbie

2. If your profession is not in the list then simply add it to the correct alphabetical place. For example, if you want to add PLUMBER then it should be placed in between ONCOLOGIST and QUEEN

3. Tag as many people as you can and witness how your technorati will explode!

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Stay-At-Home-Mom - Mai, Aggie, Vanessa

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Fun Eyeglasses At Zenni

As the holiday season fast approaches we need to buy durable eyeglasses to protect our eyes from harmful elements outside. You know what? Zenni Optical is one of the most popular eyeglasses online. They offer affordable Holiday Fun Eyeglasses with sophisticated colors, perfect shapes, sizes and styles. As of now they have many New Arrivals that you can select.

Again, if you like to buy this holiday season, feel free to visit Zenni Optical and order $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses online.

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