Sunday, June 27, 2010


Pig lechon is one of the most popular dish and best highlight during festivities and other special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and family gatherings in the Philippines. But I don't like to eat this special dish now because I have a mild high blood pressure or hypertension already.

sweetie norm

Monday, June 14, 2010

San Francisco Auto Repair

Owning a car is not an easy task. As a car owner, you should be aware of all your responsibilities. We’ve been using our car for almost 5 years already and my hubby and I were thinking of buying a new one. We went to a car exhibit a week ago and my hubby is really eager to have that cool Honda accord that we saw at the fair. We have read a lot of positive reviews about Honda accord online which also encourage my hubby to decide what to buy soon. But for the meantime, while we do not have enough money and savings, we stick to our old car.

Actually, we have nothing to say against our car other than being not so cooperative. We usually go out of town to visit my in-laws and we have to travel for about 2-3 hours before reaching their place. And this car is really wracking down our nerves as we travel down the road. One of the worst scenarios we had with this car is when we got some trouble with the engines specifically with the t-belt. One of the most sensitive parts of the engine would be the timing belt because a failure with the t-belt can cause a disastrous effect in your car. I remember we were stocked after the engine fails we have go to the nearest auto repair shop to fix our car.

In San Francisco, California where there are numerous hills causing a lot of trouble with the cars passing by especially with the brakes and other engine parts, there are San Francisco auto repair shops ready to help them. If you visit (which can also be accessible via iphone) you will find out all the auto repair shops near your area. Amazing! So for the meantime, while we do not have the brand new car, we will stick with the old one. Besides, we have RepairPal to help us track the nearest repair sop in our area if ever our car causes some trouble again.

sweetie norm

Friday, June 11, 2010


One of my favorite actress is Angel Locsin. I love watching all her teleserye or movies. I can still remember her movie on television entitled Lobo. The best episode that makes me exciting was the time when Lyka was having trouble raising the stone because of her wounds, Remus’s stone temporarily shuts down, killing a number of weaker lobos. Lyka pleads the stone to save them and it did blaze again. The stone manages to beat the deadly radiance of the red moon. Remus congratulates Lyka for saving their race but warned her that there we’re several mistakes that were been committed. Those mistakes can cause more mayhem than the “Pulang Buwan” itself. Lyka was unconscious and drops the stone to the ground, Anton took it after Lyka and Noah left. From being pure white, the color of the stone became part black and part white.

Silva managed to escape by deceiving Gaby. Meanwhile Noah and Lyka were taken back to Elle’s house. Both sustained serious wounds but they were on stable conditions. Nana Sela foresees that despite their success of defeating the “Pulang Buwan” the Lobos are in for gloomier and dangerous times ahead. According to the old woman, the fate of the Lobo race depends on the “Huling Bantay”, on how she would be able to correct the mistakes. Nana Sela also expresses that it is time for her and Lyka to meet.

Silva rushed back to the lab and asked Anton for Lyka’s blood but instead of injecting blood, Anton gave Silva a lethal injection.

sweetie norm